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Information - SnoringCure.ca

Adjusting your real age

Here are tips to make your age younger. Always check with your physician before significantly changing your diet or starting a new exercise routine or new medications.

1. Walk 30 minutes a day.
Walking makes your heart and immune system healthier.

2. Meditate for at least five minutes each day.
Your brain (and soul) needs moments of silence to recharge, refocus and rejuvenate.

3. Floss and brush the teeth you wish to keep.

4. Plan to sleep seven to eight hours. Before you head to bed:

a. Finish any must-do tasks.
b. Take care of your night time hygiene.
c. Perform deep breathing and/or meditation.
d. Avoid anything too stimulating, such as watching TV or working out.

5. Take omega-3 DHA pills (900mg total) or have non-fried salmon or trout three times a week. Salmon and trout have DHA, the active omega-3 for eyes and brain.

6. Take Vitamin D3 helps prevent cancer, incorporate calcium into the bones and slow the aging of arteries. Get 1,000 IU a day if you are younger than 60 or 1,200 IU a day if you are 60 or older.

7. If you are over the age of 40 (women) or 35 (men), take two baby aspirin (162mg total) at breakfast; just make sure to get your doctor's approval first. It decreases your risk of heart attack, stroke, impotence, wrinkles and some cancers.

8. Know your numbers: blood pressure, low-density and high-density lipoprotein (LDL and HDL) cholesterol, triglycerides (Tgs) and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP). Do whatever you can to reach healthy levels.

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