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Back Pain

Why does my back hurt?

The most common reason for back pain is a muscle strain or sprain. A strain is an overstretched or torn muscle, whereas a sprain is an injury to the ligaments. Both injuries often lead to muscle spasms, and sometimes even radiating pain into the buttocks.
- Excessive exercise and heavy lifting can both lead to muscle strains, commonly experienced by physical labourers and athletes. Poor posture can lead to various muscle imbalances, which ultimately may cause muscles to tighten up and strain.
- Another common condition leading to back pain  involves disc herniations. In a nutshell, your spine is made up of vertebrae, and between each vertebra is a disc. The disc is a soft cushiony substance that allows for shock absorption of the spine.
- A herniated or ruptured disc happens when the harder outer wall of the disc cracks and the inside seeps out. A herniated disc can compress a nerve in the spine; this condition is commonly know as a pinched nerve.
- Degenerative disc disease, another disc condition, involves a decrease in liquid content of the disc, causing the disc to decrease in size and become harder. Disc pain is most commonly felt in the lower back, and can also be experienced in the leg due to nerve pain.
- A woman's body goes through many postural and weight changes during pregnancy. The extra weight in the stomach region can cause extra stress to a woman's back. This can lead to muscle strains and injuries to the vertebra discs. A common condition also experienced during pregnancy is sciatic inflammation and pressure on the sciatic nerve which can lead to mild or extreme low back pain, as well as pain and numbness into the buttock and down the leg. Most symptoms of sciatica disappear after childbirth.
- Osteoporosis, otherwise known as thinning of the bones due to calcium loss, can cause back pain and in extreme cases may lead to fractures throughout the body. Post menopausal women have the highest incidence due to the decrease in their estrogen levels, a hormone important in maintaining bone strength.

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