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Children can have allergies from toys, which can cause snoring

As store shelves stack up with a tempting selection of holiday toys, parents and relatives on the hunt for Christmas and holiday gifts may find that locating suitable, safe toys can be a confusing puzzle of choices. Is it natural, organic, eco-friendly, nontoxic, functional, fun and educational? Toy shopping today does not seem to be quite the simple, shining experience of past days. Children do need the extra protection of adult watchfulness with toys because kids are more likely to get toxins into their system due to their natural desire to put things in their mouths. Their bodies are still vulnerable and developing, and can also be more sensitive to environmental hazards in toys.
Children`s toy recalls are at record high level, according to statistic from Health Canada Product Safety office. Toy recalls in 2008 numbered to only 8 in 2006. This year 2009 is expected to reach another record, already numbering 60 as of mid-October, even before the 2009 holiday rush of toy orders. Recalls have included squeeze toys with parts creating a choking hazard, yo-yo string balls with concerns about strangulation, and children`s metal jewelry with unacceptable lead content. The lists have become long and detailed almost enough to take the fun out of holiday shopping.
Fortunately, there are also helpful resources to guide gift givers. The Canadian Toy Testing Council ( CTTC ) tests toys to help parents make good toy purchases. Every year, hundreds of toys are selected and then tested by Canadian children and families in everyday settings, to assess design, function, durability and play value. The 2010 Toy Report was released in November 2009 and can be accessed at www.toy-testing.org. The Toy Testing Council also gives out Children`s Choice Awards “to new toys on the market that have proven to be fun, innovative and the absolute best in their area of play”.
Plastic is a controversial ingredient in toys because there are many different types of plastics. The scientific research and government regulation is still evolving and continues to be done on what is safe and what is not. Parents are advised to avoid toys containing PVC. PVC is a polyvinyl chloride ( recycling #3 ) that contains a potentially harmful additive called phthalates-an ingredient that is added to PVC plastic products to make them soft and flexible.

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