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Information - SnoringCure.ca

How to stop sleep apnea - 9 predispositions to disruptive unhealthy sleep disorder

Some people who snore have sleep apnea, (sleep disorders) usually caused by a blockage  in the upper airways which stop breathing from the nose and mouth for 10 to 15 seconds during sleep and often make choking sounds. Your partner may notice or (night study) is to diagnose by qualified health practitioner a patient who can have snoring or obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Sleep apnea patients usually snore loudly.  Sleep apnea can affect also children and adults.

1. Wake up abruptly and start gasping for air
2. Headache in the morning
3. Waking up tired
4. Waking up thirsty
5. Waking up irritability
6. Memory problems
7. Day time fatigue
8. Excessive day time sleepiness, irresistible urge to nap
9. Very tired during the day

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