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Information - SnoringCure.ca

Information - SnoringCure.ca

How to stop snoring - 11 simple tips effective snoring cures

Snoring is a rough hoarse noise while sleeping, by vibrations of the soft palate and other soft tissue at the back of the throat.

  1. Go to bed and wake up, at the same times each day
  2. Sleeping in a cool, dark and quiet room
  3. Sleep on your side
  4. Avoid drink caffeine
  5. Avoid consuming alcohols before going to sleep
  6. Avoid sleeping pills before going to sleep
  7. Avoid large and heavy quantities of meals before going to sleep
  8. Avoid tough exercise before going to sleep
  9. Regularly fitness and exercise 
10. Lose weight
11. Stop smoking and more information at: If you would like to stop snoring you should stop smoking

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