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Is it o.k. to fall asleep while doing hypnosis?

This is a yes and no question. It's o.k. to do pretty much anything if the results of doing that thing is going to get you what you want. So, I am going to answer by basically giving you a better understanding of being in hypnosis and sleeping. When you are in hypnosis, your brain waves are moving at a slightly slower pace somewhere between what is called; Alpha and Theta. This is the level you are trying to achieve through hypnosis. This is the same state you are in when you are first waking up in the morning or just before you fall asleep at night. It's actually quite easy to move from Beta (full wakefulness) into alpha and then by spending more time in Alpha and focusing on what is happening in your hypnosis, you easily move into Theta. Just by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing, you can easily achieve this state and continually go deeper.
In the state of Alpha to Theta, your subconscious mind becomes available to hearing and receiving suggestions. This is the most effective state of mind you can be in to receive new information and to implant it into your subconscious mind. Once you drop to a level below that, called Delta, you are now in a sleep state. During this time, your subconscious mind begins to explore it's own inner world and you are no longer paying attention to whatever information is being offered to you. And therefore, during this sleep time, you are not going to learn anything new, but just process the information that is already in the subconscious mind. But I always seem to fall asleep during hypnosis. In order for you to master hypnosis, it is important for you to get control over your body. Einstein used to sit up straight in a chair and even went so far as to put a heavy rock in one of his hands so that if he fell asleep, he would gently wake himself up should the rock fall on to the floor. I'm sure you manage to stay awake during school, work, or during certain boring conversations you have had with your friends, families, and loved- ones. This is no different. This 30 minute hypnosis session is one of the most important appointments you have with yourself all day long, so make yourself remain alert to the material. Don't fall victim to something that has become a habit for you in the past. You have the tools now to give yourself this wonderful gift. Use it to your highest advantage and you will see dramatic movement in your life.

You may want to consult specialist if you have sever snoring that has just started recently and you haven't gained any weight.

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