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Noiselezz® fitting

If you are from Vancouver, B.C. area and you require dentist fitting, please contact us. Normally the Noiselezz® does not need any fitting, but sometimes it can. Consult your practitioner to insure that you have good oral health; your dentist can also provide you with further expertise on fitting if required. Noiselezz® is packed in its own travel/storage case in its original flat form. Remove from the box, In most cases the Noiselezz® will fit you just as it comes from the box, no adjustment/fitting usually necessary.

Fold the two flat sides together as you would a compact.
The lower tray is the more protrusive; the upper has a very slight bump in the front, outside, center.

By inserting this appliance into the mouth you will move your lower jaw (mandible) forward, opening the airway and moving your tongue off the soft palate. Kept in this position you will stop snoring. The material is soft and can be easily trimmed for a better fit if required. DO NOT cut material away from the inside of the lower tray or from the outside of the upper tray. DO NOT attempt to re position the relationship of the trays by heating the hinges. The hinges should only be heated to 73 °C degrees Celsius MAXIMUM to rejuvenate the spring effect. Repeat DO NOT try to reposition the trays! For those with an unusual mouth (crooked teeth) or sever class 2 or 3, if you have trouble fitting to the standard Noiselezz® it can be custom fitted. Attend your practitioner.

For simple irritation, if experienced, immerse THAT PORTION only, of the appliance in warm water (73 °C degrees Celsius, (approximately 163 °F degrees Fahrenheit) maximum, for 5 – 10 seconds. The material will become soft, you can repeat this several times as needed. Then place in your mouth carefully and apply slight pressure. Or after heating gently reform only the area that is irritating you, with (for example) the bowl of a tea spoon. Do not use boiling water! Maximum of 73 °C degrees Celsius. Use discretion with temperature in your mouth. Do not immerse the complete appliance, only that portion that requires adjusting, DO NOT use higher temperature water! Read the above cautions regarding inside lower and outside upper tray & hinges.

When you have used Noiselezz® for some time the hinges may become relaxed. The hinges act as springs and allow the Noiselezz® to follow the opening/closing of the mouth. If you wish to strengthen the hinges, immerse the hinges ONLY, in warm water as above and in a few seconds the hinges will regain their original elasticity. Do not try to reposition the trays.

If you notice some tenderness in your jaw discontinue the use of the appliance immediately for a few days then gradually increase use over time. For prolonged discomfort, consult your dentist. It is not unusual to have some slight soreness in the jaw joint and teeth, this usually disappears in a few days. It is sometimes helpful to wear the appliance while awake, in the evening, say watching television, reading something to distract, but when you are awake and can discern any area that may irritate you sub consciously.

You can benefit from this appliance even if you wear dentures, you must wear your dentures when using the Noiselezz® and your dentures must have a good fit. Those that have gum disease, loose teeth, and disease of the oral cavity or jaw should not try any oral appliance, have the problem treated first.

Children that are still growing should not be fitted with the appliance. Continue the use of the Noiselezz®, you will adjust, and soon enjoy restful sleep. Occasionally some of the following may occur. A few may notice some slight tooth soreness when first using the Noiselezz®. If this is not severe and not localized, as in, only one spot, (rubbing) you will usually adjust shortly and/or this will soon disappear. If the appliance is rubbing, try the above localized adjusting suggestions. The Noiselezz® is made in one size only and fits 98% of the population without adjustment or any fitting requirement. Some may find the appliance being ejected at first, during sleep. This is normal, don’t be impatient. Some may find yourself generating excess saliva or dry mouth, these are also normal with any oral appliance, even braces, so this is not unusual and you will adjust, usually within a week. The hinges allow the appliance to follow your mouth as it relaxes and opens but your lower jaw will continue to be held slightly protrusive. This allows normal mouth breathing. Relax, give youself time to adjust, the Noiselezz® works passively. Severe adjustments may require the expertise of a dental practitioner. Your dentist can provide expertise in fitting and custom fitting, if required.

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