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What should I know about risk factors for osteoporosis?
For most people the first symptoms that alerts them to the fact that they might have osteoporosis is a broken bone or fracture. Maintaining weight loss, stop smoking and avoid consumption alcohol not only help prevention stop snoring but is also the best cure prevention of osteoporosis.

How can I improve bone health?
Since some of the risk factors listed are within your control, make lifestyle changes that reduce sodium, eliminate smoking, caffeine, alcohol, increase physical activity, fruits, vegetable, dietary calcium and vitamin D. Weight-bearing exercises stimulate the building of new bone, while calcium constitutes the building blocks of this new bone, and vitamin D in turn helps the body absorb and retain this calcium.

Can I get too much calcium and vitamin D?
Too much calcium has been linked to several side effects, including heart problems. It is important to take only the recommended amount of both and to use supplements when the right total daily intake can't be achieved with diet alone.
- For adults age 19 to 50, the typical daily recommendation is 100 mg of calcium and 400 to IU of vitamin D.
- For adults age more than 50, the daily recommendation is 1200 mg of calcium and 800 to 2000 IU of vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis.

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