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Information - SnoringCure.ca

Information - SnoringCure.ca

Somnolis® instructions of functioning, use and settings

Somnolis® moves the lower jaw forward a few millimeters in order to release the back of the tongue and free the way of the inspired air. The clinically proved principle eliminates snoring and brings a refreshing sleep.

Before sleeping, fold, place Somnolis® in your mouth with the adjustment strap on the upper teeth. Cut off the lower guide only if it hurts the gum. The material of Somnolis® is comfortable to medical and food standards, nevertheless it can have a peculiar taste the first night of use.
4 adjustment supple straps, numbered from 1 to 4, are supplied. The strap number 1 is the weakest and and the strap number 4, is the strangers. If necessary, change the strap according to the following criteria:
- if the traction of the jaw is too strong and uncomfortable or
if Somnolis® does not hold well in mouth, use a strap of an inferior value (for instance 1 instead of 2).
- If snoring does not decrease sufficiently, use a strap of a superior value (for instance 3 instead of 2).

Somnolis® as supply

Instructions Somnolis® against snoring.

Mode d’emploi Somnolis® contre le ronflement.


Somnolis with four straps for the lower jaw advancement, one is already on Somnolis®

- in case of a regular and long-lasting use, we recommend the use of a customised device (with a taking of the teeth impression) like SomnoFit

Warnings, use of the Somnolis® device may cause:
- dental sensitiveness after putting of the device on waking (it disappears after clenching 3 or 4 times your teeth)
- pain forward the ear, vanishing usually after some days of regular use, or becoming worse.
- excessive salivation initially, but this generally stops when you get more used to the device.
- tooth movement or change in dental occlusion (position of each jaw in a closed mouth). if the lower jaw does not come back in its original position after taking off Somnolis®, stop wearing it.
If any unpleasant side effect persists, stop wearing the appliance and consult your Dentist or Doctor.

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