SomnoGuard® SP Soft Stops Snoring and Treat Sleep Apnea

    SomnoGuard® SP Soft

    SomnoGuard SP Soft mandibular advancement device (Important note for potential U.S. buyers: for regulatory reasons we do not serve any orders to the U.S.)
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SomnoGuard® SP Soft:

Treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), mandibular advancement device. Two-part incrementally adjustable prefabricated boil and bite.

The newest SomnoGuard® SP Soft The mandibular advancement device like latest model SomnoGuard® AP has two clear hard outer separate shell trays, which is filled up with a soft mouldable material, which molds the upper and lower teeth one at a time, and there are no limits as to how many times each tray can be molded. When you gently wear the soft SomnoGuard® SP Soft mandibular advancement adjustable positioner medical device, into your mouth after easy custom fitting, the mandibular which molds around your teeth fits gently and holds the lower jaw forward by adjusted in 4 sets of interchangeable flexible connecting straps which you can adjust for a few millimeters.

SomnoGuard® Tomed Care Dr. Toussaint GmbH, Clinical Trials and American Medical Journal

SomnoGuard® SP Soft fitting instructions

The pack of SomnoGuard® SP Soft includes:
- 2 separate identical (upper and lower) molding and fitting shell trays:
the upper molding and fitting shell trays has 2 back side hooks,
the lower molding and fitting shell trays has 2 back side hooks
- 4 sets of interchangeable flexible connecting, for the lower jaw advancement
- 1 storage case
- 1 full instruction with pictures

SomnoGuard® SP Soft :

SomnoGuard® SP Soft is protected by a utility patent (DE 20 2008 011 841.7). International patent protection filed for.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft is a clinically proven device being efficient in regard to eliminating snoring, sleep apnea and prevent grinding of teeth.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft lining is made from a transparent copolymer comfortable impression material provides a firm grip on the teeth after moulding.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft is not a drug treatment, stop snoring mandibular medical device is often a first choice nonsurgical options prior resort to surgery.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft can be adjusted in 6 positions for different levels of effectiveness.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft is incremental advancement adjustable of the lower jaw from about -3 to +10 mm (millimeters). (Patients with sleep apnea should be able to extend the lower jaw at least for 7 mm/millimeters).
SomnoGuard® SP Soft has a very low bite opening characterised by the distance of the incisors, i.e. 2 to 3 mm (millimeters) only.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft helps the lateral movement of the lower jaw.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft helps in breathing from the to a certain extent.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft has a separate identical (upper and lower) molding and fitting shell trays.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft dental protector, takes the pressure off your teeth.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft is easy to get used to it.
SomnoGuard® SP Soft is recommended for sleep apnea at certain times: travelling (medical consultation advised).

SomnoGuard® SP Soft care - use warm water or a denture cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with water, let it dry in the open air and keep it in the case supplied. Check the condition of the appliance regularly. SomnoGuard® SP Soft is expected to last 18 months, but this will depend on maintenance, nocturnal clenching of the teeth (Bruxism) and acidity in the mouth.

- If breathing discomfort occurs with the appliance stop using it immediately. Consult your medical professional.
- In case of severe pain from TMJ or long lasting other discomfort, stop using the appliance and consult your medical professional.

List of reference.
Quality made in Germany product against snoring and sleep apnea.
Dr. Winfried Toussaint and Tomed Dr Toussaint GmbH
Dr. med. Joachim T. Maurer

SomnoGuard® SP Soft:
- Put sleep apnea to rest (don't hold your breath).
- Provides deep "beauty" sleep (the human growth hormone is released when you sleep).
- Save your marriage.


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